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Mistakes that were corrected by me using my time wisely

Worrying about other peoples opinion

Worrying about what other people think will never change your life, however, what you worry about may with time, change your view, as the saying goes, “When facts change, people’s opinions change.” If someone felt you were a fool, he could change if the situation changes. Majority of the people…

Listing out few ways of developing self-respect

Be nice to yourself

Nobody will be good to you if you aren’t nice to yourself. You may be good to yourself by treating yourself, keeping your body healthy, and loving your body. Make yourself at ease in any setting. …

Few important patterns in thinking and analyzing things to be mentally fit

3 Popular dimensions in mind people have forgotten

You think about an incident or what is happening right now, which is the first dimension, you put some effort into analyzing it, which is the second dimension, and once you go deep into research, that is where you find the pleasant truth and worst-case scenario of that particular thought…

How important is achieving a target of $1000?

First income as a side hustle

The first revenue aim from your side hustle should be modest; set a goal but maintain it in phases. The first stage goal is $100, followed by $500 and $1000. Always remember that your first income is both the finest and worst revenue you will make from your side hustle…

How to become a business magnet in the world of entrepreneurship

Difference between an Entrepreneur and a business leader

An entrepreneur is someone who does business for himself, whereas a business leader does business for himself and for the benefit of the society. A business leader sets a good example and cares about the community in which he lives in. I would advise everyone to become a business leader…

Things to consider while building your first startup.

Remember at any stage you are a learner

While launching your first startup, consider yourself a beginner and a learner. Some countries do not have a strong startup culture, so you must learn on your own. There are various methods to learn, so never stop learning. Maintain an open mind to new ideas and suggestions, even negative feedback…

The importance of creating various sources of a side hustle as your second income

Start building a side hustle now

Your first step towards this path is to begin building your first side hustle, even if your side hustle creates a tiny income, it is not a problem since it is always additional money, and this money will support you during your most difficult moments. First, aim to establish work…

How entrepreneurs should think outside the box after the pandemic

Covid-19 taught you the worst

Even with Covid-19, if you don’t grasp how economies work, you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur. If you’re still in the same line of work after covid-19, entrepreneurship isn’t for you. …

Life was meant for you at any stage.

What if you live in a country that is extremely poor?

What is it like to live in a country that is experiencing a severe financial crisis, often known as an economic crisis? Real-life examples include African nations such as Somalia, where people have not experienced regular life yet nonetheless exist in the same world as us, despite the vast differences…

How many opportunities are you wasting, while you still have a chance to start your entrepreneur journey?

You don't wait for your turn

Instead, you wait for an opportunity, you create the opportunity and wait for your turn. You don’t receive what you desire, rather, you get what you require. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur one day, but none of you takes action or takes a step forward. …


Passionate about Entrepreneurship, I write about Startup, Business, Personal Development, Life : ✍ ❤🎓💲★

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