FEAR or LAZINESS, Which stops you from reaching your Goal.

Identifying factors which stops a person from reaching his/her goals

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Fear is something that everyone at some point in their life face. It is not good to be afraid of failure while you are on your journey to reach your goal. But nowadays it is the way opposite with most people, they are much afraid to even try, they don't want to take risks, they don't want to fail. I am sure that you have heard this phrase many times “ Failure is the road to success ” This phrase tells us to give it a try even if you fail, you will learn. Fear can come to us in many ways, one is an outside fear, and another one is inside fear. Just sit down and speak to yourself, ask who am I afraid to in this world. Tell yourself fear is just a temporary emotion it can get away from you anytime. Giving importance to fear means you are destroying your future.


The most hated word on this planet, but most people like being lazy. It is like even if poison kills, you drink it. The most common types of laziness in this world are, Let me sleep a bit more, I can’t do it, I need rest, etc. Social media and the internet have made us lazy. Those days people go for camping and trips to relax nowadays people just watch camping videos and feel that they are relaxed, they don't want to enjoy the real calm, coolness, and happiness of nature. Do not ever be lazy about reaching your goal. Whatever happens in your life you have to fight until the end.

Conclusion: Fear and Lazy are the most dangerous things that will keep you far away from reaching your goal. I am sure you might have heard this before “ If you can’t run walk If you can’t walk crawl, Whatever you do keep Moving.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Keep Moving !!!




Passionate about Entrepreneurship, I write about Startup, Business, Personal Development, Life : ✍ ❤🎓💲★

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Passionate about Entrepreneurship, I write about Startup, Business, Personal Development, Life : ✍ ❤🎓💲★

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