My Entrepreneur Journey

This is a personal blog about my entrepreneurial journey. All incidents written here are from my personal experience

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I am a unique character ever since my small age. I always question things on my mind. My Entrepreneur journey started at the age of 12. I was born on the most beautiful island called Sri Lanka. I was brought up in that typical family which says “Son study well, get a good job, and die peacefully with your spouse”. My mind told me “You should not follow that path which others try to infuse onto you”. I told myself that I am going to break this chain to set an example. In the meantime, I had a passion for Entrepreneurship.

I am a middle bench student because of that I had time to learn many things in life, I was an average performer luckily got through my studies. After that, I started my career working for few companies that I could not last long. I soon started to realize the difference between being employed to being an employer. I started to become intense, slowly started noticing everything happening around me. At the end of the day, each employee chants this mantra called “Money”.

I told myself again it’s just a waste of time working under someone, but you know being the nicest guy won’t always get what you desire so I started to find shortcuts, that’s where I made a big mistake. Shortcuts won’t always make you successful hard work and consistency are the key to become successful sooner or later I realized it.

Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash

People working around me are like machines they wanted to work and party end of the day. I always saw the opportunities lying around me. I also saw most successful entrepreneurs are the only people who grab all the opportunities. So I started to hustle more put high pressure on my life, things started getting horrible, in the meantime leveled up my career got new opportunities, but at the end of the day, the pressure started to control me. After 5 years now in 2021, the best days came where I realized putting more pressure on me is of no use, so I slowly started to work on other things that distracted my pressurized thoughts, keeping that little entrepreneur surviving inside me.

Currently, I am focused and working on different ways of improving my life. I will keep this consistency and hard work until I win. To all the budding entrepreneurs out there don't pressurize yourself to become a millionaire overnight, success will not happen overnight, it takes time.

Good Luck with your Entrepreneur Journey.




Passionate about Entrepreneurship, I write about Startup, Business, Personal Development, Life : ✍ ❤🎓💲★

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Passionate about Entrepreneurship, I write about Startup, Business, Personal Development, Life : ✍ ❤🎓💲★

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